Welcome to FSB Consulting and Digital Services.

FSB Consulting & Digital Services is a team of seasoned and adequately trained marketing and IT consultants with decades of experience in consulting, Research and Training. We are fully equipped to empower individuals and organizations, develop, grow and promote


businesses in both private and public sectors of the economy using advanced technological innovation based on sound and globally acceptable standards and practices.

Vision Statement

“Our vision is to be a world class Marketing & IT consulting firm with advanced technological innovation in our special areas of proficiency.”

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to deliver quality, cost-effective and timely services with high level of Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism (HIP).”

Our approach

  • Quality approach : We partner with our clients in their pursuit of qualitative operations leading to excellence and efficiencies
  • Cost-effectiveness : We help our clients to be competitive in the global market by reducing the operational costs of outsourced processes

Accurate Timing : We support our clients on timeliness on any project to avert failure but go one step ahead and suggest improvements based on metrics